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Rich Cole
 guitarist / singer songwriter

Rich Cole is a guitarist, songwriter, singer, arranger/music producer, widely recognized for his unique sound and vibe. His style ranges from acoustic rock with vocals to rock instrumental.

rkcme-1Rich discovered his passion for the guitar at the age of eleven when his mother saved up money to buy him his first electric guitar. It was from this point forward, that he realized his passion for playing the guitar and writing new music. He began taking guitar lessons and after only a few sit-downs and him playing songs he had heard on the radio, his teacher said, "save your money, you have a good ear, just keep doing what you're doing," this marked the end of the lessons.

In his 20's he recorded and released his first album, Long Road Back, with his band at the time, Rider. The album was co-produced and mastered by Richard Gavalis at Dome Sound. Long Road Back features Keep It All Inside, Long Road Back, Nothin Really Matters, The More I Love, Runnin From Myself, Far Away, Time Machine, and I Can't Wait. The band held live performances in the East Coast area.

Rich's sound has evolved over the many years he has been playing and collaborating with other musicians. You can even hear a Spanish influence in some of his instrumental songs, which he picks up when playing with musicians in Puerto Rico while visiting his home there.

His most current songs recorded have been rock instrumentals and include, Frustration, SCORP 11, Flesh Steel & Wood, and The 13th Hour.

Rich primarily plays Ernie Ball Music Man electric guitars equipped with EMG pickups and Taylor acoustic-electric guitars. Rich also has a custom solid Hawaiian Koa wood neck thru body electric guitar that he uses on selective tracks which adds to his distinct guitar tone.

The Song Playing Now is “Reaching Out”.